What are the typical or best mystery shopper assignments?

What are the typical or best mystery shopper assignments?

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As a mystery shopper, life can be like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get (thanks Forrest Gump).  In this article, we’ll have a look at the different types of assignments and compare them to different types of chocolate. : )

Homebrand Chocolate

For your ‘homebrand’ mystery shopper experience, these are the most common and easiest to get.  As you might imagine, the assignments relate to the businesses that have LOTS of outlets – scarce as hen’s teeth does not apply here.

Curiously, the mystery shopping job that I’ve found easiest to get is Liquorland via RMSA.  Owned by Coles, Liquorland seems to have an insatiable appetite for mystery shopper feedback.  During the day, in the evening, on the weekend, the jobs are all there.  The pay is usually $10 and they’re typically available all over Australia.

The assignment involves going into the store, hovering around a particular area (eg. red wine) for 5 minutes, waiting for someone to approach you.  You ask for a recommendation for particular type of drink (eg. Shiraz) and make a note of what’s recommended.  You must buy something and you can be reimbursed for up $13.

I’ve done heaps of these and have a great wine collection (albeit cheaper bottles) as a result.

Cadbury Chocolate

The ‘Cadbury Chocolate’ mystery shopper assignment is probably where you’re paid for $30 and up and usually takes upward of 30 minutes.  Some of the jobs that might fall into this category include:

  • test driving cars.  These are usually paying $40-$50 but be prepared to be badgered for a sale.  If you have a marketing or sales background, these can be quite interesting just to have a look at the sale process the car sellers use


  • dining out.  Usually these jobs are either paying $40-$50 (I’ve seen up to $80) but with no reimbursement for what you spend.  Soup of the day all round!  Alternatively, they will  pay nothing but reimburse you for what you spent.  My daughter got an $80 job reimbursement job recently and her and one other struggled to spend the $80!

Haighs Chocolate

Before we get into the mystery shopper part, I should mention if you’ve never tried Haighs Chocolate, you really should.  As far as I can tell, this is the best chocolate in Australia.

So what is the ‘bees knees’ when it comes to mystery shopper assignments?  That’s depends on whether you’re looking for money or fringe benefits or both.

  • If you’re just interested in the highest paying jobs, then the most I think I’ve ever seen was $250.  That involved visiting a number of branches of a jewellery chain in the one day.  It would be the equivalent of a full day’s work and these jobs are few and far between.


  • The other category that may float your boat is not the pay but the experience you get.   A free night’s accommodation, such as in a holiday park, is reasonably common but typically outside metro areas.  I’ve also seen several jobs which involve attending the Sydney Entertainment Centre to see a concert – anywhere from Fleetwood Mac to Nicki Minaj.  Neither job paid anything.


There really are the full range of mystery shopper assignments out there.  Not surprisingly, the more attractive they are, the harder they are to come by.  But they can be worth the wait.  The ‘homebrand’ mystery shopper assignments are common but don’t pay as well. Fortunately, they’re quick so you can potentially do more of these.

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