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Just because you need to earn some money as a mystery guest / mystery shopper, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.  Life’s too short not to have fun.  In this blog, we discuss some of the ways to make being a mystery guest fun.

Do it with friends/family

Any mystery guest assignment that involves food can always involve another person.  I’ve eaten kebabs, chicken parmies, and soup, all in the name of being a mystery guest.  But what I’ve also done is to take along my wife or my kids to make the experience more enjoyable.

One Saturday night, I had two mystery guest jobs at two different clubs within 15 minutes driving of each other.  Each job paid $50.  Rather than just go and do it myself and order the cheapest item on the menu, I involved the whole family.

We went and had mains at one club and dessert at the other – kind of like a progressive dinner (where you eat a different course at each person’s house).  The whole evening was a lot of fun and we managed to have a good meal for four of us at practically no cost.

Who could you share a mystery guest meal with?

Do two things at once

If a particular mystery guest assignment feels like a chore, like ‘work’, combine it with an outing you enjoy.  My son is almost at the age where society will let him loose on the roads without someone responsible next to him (he’s on his Ls).  Scary!

What this has meant is the need to get up an enormous amount of driving (120 hours in his case) over a one year period.  To make the mystery guest job more fun, I’ve had Luke drive me (building his experience) to and from the job.  In fact, I’ve even taken to bidding for jobs some distance from our home just to get his hours up.

Other combinations we’ve done have been bidding for jobs that are near the beach or near somewhere else that you can do something fun.  Get the mystery guest job done first then enjoy yourself.

What are the things in your life you can coincide with your mystery guest assignments?

Choose jobs that you have an interest in

With the broad range of mystery guest jobs out there, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that you actually like doing.  Like sitting in cafes drinking coffee (or tea in my case)?  There are mystery guest jobs that involve calling on cafes?

Like driving nice cars? I’ve test driven brand new BMWs and been paid for it!  Like drinking wine?  Yup, you can even get mystery guest jobs that pay you to buy wine (or other drinks) and reimburse you for your time and for the wine itself up to a limit.

These days, I have one of the best wine collections I’ve ever had as a result to doing mystery guest jobs.  What are your interests?


Why wouldn’t you have fun doing something if you can?  Use these guidelines to turn up the fun in your mystery guest jobs, because at, we take having fun seriously!

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